Realtor Marketing: A Must For Your Real Estate Business

Like with any business, realtors need to know marketing to increase the number of clients and sales.
Marketing is a step that real estate brokers often overlook in their training. Many believe that in the
real estate business, the market is pretty much guaranteed. But this isn’t the stance to take if you
are a realtor and want to make your business the best in your community.There are realtors that believe the “brand name” advertising that the parent company provides is all the
marketing they need. If the realtor works for Century 21, Re-Max, Coldwell Bankers, or any number of
national firms, they believe the tv and print advertising is what brings their clients to them. But this
brand name advertising is not the local marketing that will benefit the real estate broker and increase
their realty business.Realtor advertising that markets the real estate business in the yellow pages and newspapers all tend to
be the same. They say, here we are. Here’s what we do. How is the potential client supposed to make
their choice?Housing advertising attempting to sell houses all look the same. 2 bedrooms, one bath. 4 bedrooms, 2
baths. Living room, dining room, study, etc. Only the house photos are different.What the realtor fails to realize is that whether a potential client is trying to sell their property or
buy, they make their decision based on emotions. Then they back up their decision based on facts and
features.Realtors should market themselves and the property they are trying to sell based upon this fact. They
should sell the benefits to the client. The benefits of having their real estate firm represent the
client. The benefits of the house to the customer.Benefits are based on emotions. They solve the clients problem, They emphasize the needs, desires, and
wants of their clients. Realtor marketing should feed on benefits. Unfortunately, most realtors give
the potential client facts and features.As a realtor, don’t tell the client that you’ve been in the business for “X” number of years. That
you’re an expert in your field. Who cares? They want to be assured that you are going to help them
with their problem of selling or buying a house, rural property, investment property, etc.The pictures of the property in housing advertising is the only, real emotional draw. It’s what gets
potential customers wanting to go see the property. All those features of bedrooms and bathrooms are
secondary and wasted space.Replace those features with the benefits of the property and you’ll see sales go up. Benefits, along
with the photo, pre-sell the house or land to the client. They are emotional. And, emotions sell!The realtor should look at how direct marketing sells. This kind of marketing is the basis of direct
mail marketing. It can be applied to the real estate business with noticeable results. The next time
you get a direct mail marketing letters in the mail, don’t throw them away. Open them and see how
you’re emotionally draw towards the sale.As a realtor marketing your business and properties, you could learn much from reading this type of mail
salesmanship. Think about how you could employ the techniques of these marketers in your realty
business and you’ll be steps ahead of the crowd.

Travel Safe: Top 10 Android Travel Apps for Business Travellers

As a global business executive, I know first hand the demands of travel. I spent more than 120 days out of the year on the road, and have supported the traveling workforces of clients every day. So how do I stay connected? Here are my thoughts on the best apps for Android smart phones – a critical tool for helping me stay in touch and on top of things while traveling.”Like most people I use my smart phone as both a communications tool and mini computer while traveling or on the road. My Apple iPhone is my primary device, because I like its exhaustive selection of applications. However, for those times when I need to travel with a second handset (to save on data roaming costs or to access local networks), I use my Android OS phone, which also offers a great range of apps.I am constantly testing and sampling new apps to meet both my own requirements as well as those of our clients. Below is a list of my favorite travel apps – those that I find indispensable to helping me stay engaged even as I cross time zones. I selected them based on three criteria:
1. Provision of knowledge or data that I don’t possess myself
2. Backed up by expertise and a richer web-based content version
3. Ease, speed and functionality of the application versionHere are the key travel applications that I would recommend for Android OS users:Oanda currency converterWhen you travel a lot, or you’re a first-time traveler, it’s important to keep updated on the latest currency conversion rates. I like the Oanda Currency Converter because it’s quick and simple to use for single or multiple trips.Wi-Fi Finder-Connectivity and communications remain a constant concern to business travelers, even in developing countries. Therefore I like to know of any paid or free Wi-Fi spots within vicinity of my accommodation or current location should I need access information or send receive files. Wi-Fi Finder is a great tool for preplanning and ongoing travel information regarding Wi-Fi hotspots.Talk To Me Classic-If you’re traveling to locations where you don’t speak or understand the local language or writing, it is vitally important to be able to communicate, even if it’s just the basics. Talk to me gives you the option is to translate your native tongue into a variety of written and spoken languages so you can share and communicate more effectively. This is a great one speaking with hotel staff and taxi drivers.Places Directory-Whether you’re a first timer or even a frequent traveler, Places Directory can always give you tips and advice and guidance on the nearest ATM, restaurant, entertainment facility or even just shopping. This application is constantly being updated and I find it great to getting my bearings and reducing the amount of time I spend wasted looking to somewhere eat in the life while traveling.Call Log Calendar-Easily track phone calls and conversations when you’re on the road or focused on other business tasks. This application enables you to export all of your phone log information into your calendar so you can keep track of times dates, conversations for follow-up, or even info for billing purposes.Kayak Hotel and Flight Search-Again, I like to spend some time planning before I commit or confirm any trips. The kayak application gives you great data and information for budget planning, hotel/flight selection and other journey management requirements quickly and efficiently from a phone. Not only do I use this as part of my preplanning regiment but it’s also excellent on the road or when plans change.My Tracks-While this application primarily targets the fitness and exercise market it’s a great tool for business travelers too. I use this if a traveling to a new location or following directions that are unclear, so I know where I’ve been and where I’m headed to. It’s also an excellent tool for planners when considering emergency/evacuation routes or simply the shortest rout between two points.Footprints (HTC)-The HTC Android device comes preloaded with HTC Footprints, which enables people to permanently chronicle their chosen location and events by capturing a digital postcard on their phone. Once captured, Footprints provides the ability to take notes and an audio clip of that favorite restaurant or special place while identifying its specific geographical location. In addition to identifying each postcard with its specific GPS coordinates, Footprints also auto-names each postcard with its general location or area. This one is great for revisiting or remembering client locations, accommodation or places to eat.WaveSecure Mobile Security-Mobile phones are an attractive item and easily misplaced when traveling. It is therefore important to protect both your own personal information and any relevant information relating to your company or job function. The WaveSecure Mobile Security application enables you to remotely lock down your device and generally preserve the information you wish to protect. You can also be notified should someone attempt to install another or SIM card.PdaNet-It seems there’s always an urgent requirement to communicate. This application is great for communicating with your laptop and other devices via your mobile. It enables you to tether one or more devices in order to send and receive e-mails or access cloud computing sites. I always keep in mind costs when doing this but it’s a great alternative that gives immediate and easy access at airports, hotels or even client locations.

Business Travel Insurance Policy – Getting The Right One

If you travel regularly on business, you should always carry a business travel insurance policy. This is essentially just a insurance policy for traveling that is customized to the needs of the business traveler. Nearly all of these insurance policies for business travelers will include coverage of any travel arrangements, luggage loss, and rental car accidents.While it is possible to purchase a policy that will cover a single trip, for regular business travels, annual business travel insurance policies are typically a better deal. Insurance plans for business travel are usually cheaper than regular insurance plans, depending on coverage needs. It is also cheaper to purchase domestic business travel insurance plans than insurance coverage for international business travels.Typically policies for business travels will include up to $50,000 in benefits whether it is a one-time policy or an annual policy. But regular insurance plans often caps coverage at $25,000.Luggage coverage goes beyond just checked luggage. It also covers laptops, cell phones, pagers, projectors, and any other equipment the business traveler typically carries.If the trip gets interrupted by bad weather or mechanical problems the business policy holder can cancel the trip and be reimbursed for the cost of the trip.This plan also includes trip cancellation insurance which is much like regular travel insurance’s trip interruption coverage. However, business policies usually include more coverage, such as allowing for changes in accommodations to complete the trip.Funds are provided for anything lost on the trip. This can be very important if passports or tickets are lost during the trip.You may also be able to get some legal services in case of accusations of crime by you or crime committed against you. Generally luggage or equipment that is stolen is covered. In some cases even kidnapping ransoms will be replaced by your business insurance policy.One of the coverage benefits you’ll want to look for in your coverage is medical expenses. You’ll want to know for sure whether all medical expenses are covered or just accidents and emergencies. In particular, find out what kind of coverage is provided for illness. Many travel medical insurance policies cover emergency evacuations, but many do not cover other medical expenses. You’ll have to decide how much medical coverage you need.Fortunately, even with all of the available coverage options, business travel insurance is generally quite affordable. Some other features that may be included with your business insurance plan include road side assistance and life insurance.