Realtor Marketing: A Must For Your Real Estate Business

Like with any business, realtors need to know marketing to increase the number of clients and sales.
Marketing is a step that real estate brokers often overlook in their training. Many believe that in the
real estate business, the market is pretty much guaranteed. But this isn’t the stance to take if you
are a realtor and want to make your business the best in your community.There are realtors that believe the “brand name” advertising that the parent company provides is all the
marketing they need. If the realtor works for Century 21, Re-Max, Coldwell Bankers, or any number of
national firms, they believe the tv and print advertising is what brings their clients to them. But this
brand name advertising is not the local marketing that will benefit the real estate broker and increase
their realty business.Realtor advertising that markets the real estate business in the yellow pages and newspapers all tend to
be the same. They say, here we are. Here’s what we do. How is the potential client supposed to make
their choice?Housing advertising attempting to sell houses all look the same. 2 bedrooms, one bath. 4 bedrooms, 2
baths. Living room, dining room, study, etc. Only the house photos are different.What the realtor fails to realize is that whether a potential client is trying to sell their property or
buy, they make their decision based on emotions. Then they back up their decision based on facts and
features.Realtors should market themselves and the property they are trying to sell based upon this fact. They
should sell the benefits to the client. The benefits of having their real estate firm represent the
client. The benefits of the house to the customer.Benefits are based on emotions. They solve the clients problem, They emphasize the needs, desires, and
wants of their clients. Realtor marketing should feed on benefits. Unfortunately, most realtors give
the potential client facts and features.As a realtor, don’t tell the client that you’ve been in the business for “X” number of years. That
you’re an expert in your field. Who cares? They want to be assured that you are going to help them
with their problem of selling or buying a house, rural property, investment property, etc.The pictures of the property in housing advertising is the only, real emotional draw. It’s what gets
potential customers wanting to go see the property. All those features of bedrooms and bathrooms are
secondary and wasted space.Replace those features with the benefits of the property and you’ll see sales go up. Benefits, along
with the photo, pre-sell the house or land to the client. They are emotional. And, emotions sell!The realtor should look at how direct marketing sells. This kind of marketing is the basis of direct
mail marketing. It can be applied to the real estate business with noticeable results. The next time
you get a direct mail marketing letters in the mail, don’t throw them away. Open them and see how
you’re emotionally draw towards the sale.As a realtor marketing your business and properties, you could learn much from reading this type of mail
salesmanship. Think about how you could employ the techniques of these marketers in your realty
business and you’ll be steps ahead of the crowd.