Finding the True Internet Marketer

Just what is a true internet marketer? The fact is we do come across many internet marketers offering their services to help you become rich quickly with the shortest possible route, developing you in the process of becoming the next internet marketer.Let me explain on this point. We do see websites or squeeze pages, with bullets like “no experience required”,” no technical knowledge required”, “no expensive hosting fees” and so on.These bullets are true to many who may not have the experience at all in the virtual world of internet marketing.Some folks, who enter into such programs, think that the bullets and the content in the squeeze pages, might fit their goals and aspirations to become internet marketers. Only during and after the program, do many people freaked out. Some are frustrated, confused, disheartened and probably lost.The truth is, a true internet marketer will take time to build up to the level of competency. It is a trade and requires that the individual takes action to implement the program to see results. For those who do take action, some might experience slow or fast results, depending on the level of commitment. The point is financial success is possible within your grasp.Then you might probably be asking, why all the easy talk of high success on the ad, when the fact is, that the odds are against you, and full of obstacles on the path to financial freedom. Why this scam?Let me ask you a question. If I came marketing the need of a brand new tooth paste in the general population, introducing the chemical names, the chemical composition, the compound formula, and the chemical reaction, and all the uninteresting jargon, would you buy it? Would you be interested with the first impression that the marketer offers to you as a need on the internet?To answer this question, we know that the general population is full of people with immediate needs. Most marketers would rather stick to the easy language that even the simple minded person on the street would want to quickly grab and try the toothpaste.On the other hand, dental surgeons or other specialists might not necessarily buy the toothpaste but are looking for specific information for the purposes of research relating to the product. What do internet marketers do? They put up a website on toothpaste, same for the general population, but somewhere on the same webpage, you will find dedicated URL links, that these specialists click to buy specific information. Or marketers could simply put up a separate website just for this specific group. We call it a niche market.That is the power of internet marketing! The point that I am driving at is this, internet marketers have been learning and adopting over the years, honing in their skills. Since then, they have evolved and adapted many other methods to bring in sales. So, if you ask me, there is more than just easy talk of high success. What goes behind the curtains, is more advanced tips and techniques and you will probably get there longer, if you do not have a system to work with.So, it is not a scam, but rather that you do not give yourself a fighting chance. If it is truly a scam, these internet marketers would not be around. They can flee with your investment and never hear them again. I am aware that there are marketers out there that we need to take precautions. A piece of advice from my experience, do not buy internet marketing products that offer money back guarantees. You will not get your investment back. For example, marketers will try to convince you that if these short cuts into making million of dollars do not work, marketers will be happy to refund you the full amount. Do not go for it. Most likely, they will retain your investment.That brings us to another interesting point. Internet marketers who used such phrases, “short cuts”, “shortest ways”,” fastest way” and so on, are using it as a form of attraction. There is usually a substantial level of work required to reach the state of helping you to become fast in achieving your financial results.If you look carefully at becoming the next internet marketer, it is not different from the passion that you are currently pursuing , simply because you believe in that hobby, sport, or music, to name a few. Did we give excuses in those areas of our lives?In those passions, you might come across an ad that says, “Play the Guitar in 3 months, the Fast & Easy Way”. What came to your mind when you see such advertisements? When you learnt to play that instrument, or that sport or that try a hobby, what were the initial difficulties? So, it is with internet marketing.Remember that becoming an internet marketer with the shortest possible route, is a process. Having to lay the facts before you, as far as possible, I do not want you to give up your passion of making money online. You just need to be cautious, informed and well taken care of, when you do embark on a journey of internet marketing.If you do want to embark on that journey, I suggest that you try a small pie with a proper system first to help you get started.Click [] to learn moreTo Your Success,Andrew Paul